For commercial and corporate opportunities, please reach out at to speak with a rep about your project.

Jade is unavailable for personal commissions.

Not every single piece of art made/seen on social media will be available for purchase. The shop is updated periodically. To get notified about new prints available, please sign up for the newsletter.

Please note that photo-illustrations will never be available for purchase since JPB doesn't own the rights to the original photography.

Custom print sizes are not available at this time. Digital downloads are also unavailable. .

Eco cotton and Organic cotton can be machine washed, in cold preferably, dry on low in the dryer, or line dry outside.

Recycled cotton is created from pre-consumer fibers and clippings that are collected after the cut and sew process. So new pieces that would otherwise be discarded get a second life. Because the textile scraps have already been dyed, the yarn manufacturing process produces no water waste or harmful chemical run-off and requires less energy.

For wholesale and retail purchases, please visit